11 Apr 2014

Initiatives by Astric

It has been an endeavor of Astric Group along with Government of Bihar to develop Information Technology based solutions using modern technology to leverage the state's core strength of training individuals and government work force, capacity building and development of small to medium scale entrepreneurship. Processing, analysis & presentation of value enhanced services to multifarious users.
Wide range of initiatives with innovative ideas have been adopted, tested and implemented at our various sites of Astric and partners by the dedicated team of visionaries of Astric group.

Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind Energy)

We have a technology tie up with leading non-conventional power generation companies to cater to all kinds of Solar, Windmill and Hybrid Power generation system for Bihar. A demo unit is installed at our Centre of Excellence for real-time experience of the technology and transformation based on SCADA system wherein the power generation can also be measured.

World Class Green Shared Computing Lab

We recently associated our self with nComputing Corporation, USA to promote shared computing devices in Bihar IT/ICT projects and channels which is a real revolution in the field of shared computing desktops. This is going to be the future of rural India because of its unique proposition of 1 Watt Power consumption, 50% less cost of acquisition, no maintenance and total saving on the OS and Software. 

SCAN - School Computer Asset Network

Government of India under NeGP has Mission Mode Projects including education based projects like SSA, RMSA, ICT@School where in procurement of hardware, software and services exist and it was a great learning we took after studying it for last 5 years to come out with a solution School Computer Asset Network (SCAN) for smooth execution of this scheme. We in close association with Bihar State Educational Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (BSEIDC) a Government of Bihar undertaking developed this unique solution over a period of 1 year and deployed in 832 government schools.

The solution collects information from the desktops installed in the remote schools once a small “client” software is installed in these desktops it sends data to a “server” application through internet using the CPU ID and or MAC ID of the desktop about the login and logout details typically during the working hours. The data is filtered using software tools to generate a report automatically which is supported by a manual intervention of the operator sending a mail daily which is compared with the one received by the server from the desktop automatically and mapped to show inconsistency if any.

The Tender Document (ICT@School) from state government of Bihar had a clause of mandatory operation of Desktop with Internet at least for 4 hours a day ie 240 minutes, where in a school desktop shall send an automated report (using SCAN) stating that the Desktop was logged in at 10:00 hours and it logged out at 13:30 hours (i.e. 3:30 mins or 210 minutes) and the faculty appointed by the BOOT operator sends a mail manually that the systems were run for 240 minutes on that day, the server of SCAN will generate a report showing the inconsistency of 30 mins and an SMS alert will be sent to the school principal, district administration (DEO) and periodic report of say a week/month or quarter will be sent to head office (SHQ) for that school/schools failing to operate for the specified time on RFP document. Where as if the same school runs the desktop for 240 mins or more no inconsistency report will be generated.

CoE Mission 2015

The departments mentioned here will be the 5 channels to better e-Governance in the way to “Mission 2015”.


An IT destination where Bihar is showcasing a perfect example of Public Private Partnership with back-end support request from Government of Bihar for a 1 lac square feet of space. Located within the city limits of Patna are going to be the first such interventions from our end, followed by a Food Park, A Handicraft Park and A Warehouse within the next 3-4 years.

This project will begin in partnership with M/s. Astric group of companies for locating the correct partner to work on this first mega project under PPP as mentioned above. The objective is to rope in major investing organisations to setup at low cost in this incubation facility, we are in search out for 100 IT organisations instead of 10 major IT organisations as these 100 will employ more human resource from our state than 10 would.

The setting up of the Food Park will help food processing firms to start SME’s in this domain without much of investments, the Handicraft park will encourage the rural artisans, weavers and painters to exhibit their products to the world from this park side by side produce the same at this park in quantity the series of these parks would end up with a warehousing unit where the products would require storage before transportation to various places around the world in the city limits of Patna.

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