UPDATED 29 Mar 2017

Astric” has been derived linguistically from asterisk which means “the figure of a star”. For centuries, the symbol of star has been used to refer to divinity, intuition, hope and guidance.  Thus our very name that gives us an identity and uniqueness reminds us that when things may appear to be out of our grasp, through diligence, perseverance and faith we can look beyond our current confines and dream of taking the Astric group to the pinnacle.

Key factors involved in the success of Astric:

  • Excellent Quality. We do not do everything – but we do a few things right. Sales and Support of quality IT Products is fore most. 
  • Very Competitive Cost. Due to our lower overhead, we can pass on part of the savings to our clients.
  • Guarantee Timely Delivery of project deliverables. We believe in making the promises that we can deliver.
  • Free Prototype (Proof-of-concept) development. Everybody has ideas, but you should trust only those which is full-proof. Prototypes show you just what our ideas can deliver.
  • Free Initial Consultancy.
  • Expertise in Cutting Edge Technologies. We have partnership with major IT giants providing cutting edge technology to your door-step.
  • Face to face interactions are invaluable for success of a project. In order to establish sound communication, Astric sends its key members to meet the client in person.
  • Multiple Domain Expertise. We have mastered Distribution, Sales, Support, Services, Training, Software Development domains.
  • Excellent Support and Maintenance.

The above points show us a brief introduction of why Astric Group has been front of Bihar's IT development. Our partnerhip and devotion to be better than everyone has been the driving force and tell the story so far.


To enhance current services and solutions and influence future growth and profitability along with development of organisation and its core strength the employees.

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About Us

For Distribution, Sales, Retails, Training or any inquiry feel free to contact us at:

Address: Flat No. 401, Samridhi Complex, S.P.Verma Road, Patna, Bihar 800001

Telephone: (0612) 2214782 / 2237241, (+91) 8083997776
Email: sales@astric.in

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